What is Your Purpose in Life?

Kavitha Yarlagadda
3 min readOct 1, 2020

After dabbling in numerous fields and working in a couple of fields, I have finally got my calling in a creative field which I started doing as a side hustle since fifteen years. Who thought it would become something close to my heart, my passion and my bread and butter?

Wondering what it is? Writing is the best thing that happened to me, during my college days it was writing to the department head about the lack of facilities in my hostel, or helping out a friend with an essay. Maybe it was the habit of reading from a very young age that has imbibed the sense of writing in me, but I am glad that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

It started off with writing essays and then I gradually started blogging, working full time and just doing this as a hobby. Only later on in life did I realize that this was something which I loved doing and was more passionate about. Writing is something which drives me out of bed and gives me the energy and purpose to begin my day with enthusiasm and excitement.

I feel that every person has to have a purpose in life, the drive to do something, the purpose which pushes you forward. In this daily humdrum of family life and responsibilities, it is this purpose that adds some life and vigor in our otherwise routine life. You may be having a regular job, but at the same time create or develop a hobby which is close to your heart, it may be something which you feel strongly about. Keep aside sometime daily to work on and improve this, gradually it will become a habit and you will be looking forward to doing this, your ‘Me Time’, which is special to you.

Why Do We Need a Purpose in Life?

When our kids were younger, all the attention in our life was focused on them, especially for women when their world revolved around children and family. As children enter their adolescence they don’t need the help of parents and are generally lost in their own sweet world, this is the time when we start feeling ignored and lonely. This is the time when we crave for attention and some company, this is the best time to channel all your energy into keeping yourself occupied. This something should be one which you feel for deeply and are very passionate about, anything done wholeheartedly gives brilliant results.

When we have a purpose in life, we don’t have to wait for company and entertainment, our purpose is everything in our life. It relaxes you and gives you something to look forward to, it induces vitality into your life. For me writing is therapeutic, it is more like a solace to me, I write when I feel stressed and angry, writing soothes me and helps me relax. Choose a purpose (Ikigai, a Japanese word for purpose or meaning in life) which will help you and keep you occupied during your twilight years when the kids have flown the nest, than there will be nothing called as an ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’.

A purpose in life makes us ready and prepared to face anything in life, for me writing has made me a better person. Writing gives me the power to make an impact on others by giving my readers enlightening and insightful information through my writings. Writing has the power to make a change and create a sense of curiosity to a reader. As a writer I want to impart knowledge, entertainment and create a sense of anticipation in my reader.

So have you found your PURPOSE in life?

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